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Our History

Cheltenham Rotary is the oldest service organisation in the Cheltenham area

To Celebrate our Centenary we are planting 100 trees in and around Cheltenham

How we’re planning to celebrate

We started making plans for 2021 some time ago .... Of course, due to the pandemic, we’ve had to delay, alter and postpone many of our plans, but we’re still expecting to make this year very special, not just for Cheltenham Rotary, but for the whole of the area, and we’re being joined by other Rotary clubs in the area too.

From 1921

Through the Millenium

To 2021

Events and projects in our Centenary year

Cheltenham Rotary never sleeps ..... Isn’t that a quote from somewhere else? Well, maybe so, but it is a very apt description of us. Even during the current national crisis, while everyone is restricted to their homes, we’ve still been very busy.

Here are some of the activities we’ve got lined up....

From humble beginnings

The founding members could never have known that we would still be thriving after all this time, What an achievement!

100 Trees

100 Trees to plant

A celebration dinner

Involve schools

A Vaccine project

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