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There are no elitists in Cheltenham Rotary. Everyone is equal and every member is encouraged to get involved

with everything we do

Friends of Cheltenham Rotary

Become a Friend

You might enjoy helping at some events and benefit from social activities


Neither members or friends are expected to devote any more time to Rotary than they are happy with.

Friends aren’t able to lead teams, attend committee meetings or take part in any votes, but Friends do get very real benefits like receiving our President’s monthly newsletter, receiving an invite to special events and activities and being invited to join us in some of our social activities.

 …. With absolutely no pressure.

We’d love to have you onboard. Send our Membership Team Leader an E-mail and he’ll make you very welcome.

Belonging is so very important Quotes from New members

Make the first move

Our membership team leader would love to hear from you. Click on this button to send him an E-mail.


We don’t put any pressure on prospective new friends or members.

We would welcome you to come along to some of our events or social activities. You’ll soon see that Rotary isn’t just about doing useful charity work, it’s also about socialising and enjoying the company of lovely, friendly people.