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Cheltenham Rotary Vaccine Appeal

In February 2021 we launched a major appeal, inviting people who had received their Covid Vaccination, at no cost and efficiently in clean and hygienic conditions, to consider donating the cost of their vaccine to a fund supporting the provision of Covid vaccination to the many Countries in the world that are unable to procure vaccines.

We are delighted to announce that our fund has just reached £30,000 enabling us to send a further £10,000 to Gavi /COVAX (The inter-governmental organisation tasked to ensure ever Country can be protected from Covid through vaccination). This is in addition to a previous donation of £20,000 made in June.

As further donations have gradually dried up, we have decided to close the appeal having reached our target of £30,000 which we regard as a fantastic result. UNICEF has set up the same initiative so anyone wishing to contribute the cost of their vaccine may still do so by going through the UNICEF website:

We are extremely grateful to the 650 people and groups from near and far who have supported our appeal. Thank you all for your generosity.

David Price

International Lead

Cheltenham Rotary