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We would be stronger with you!

If you’ve just moved here, or had a life change and want to meet some lovely, interesting, local people from all walks of life ..... Join us.

If you’re content with your life and would like to help others in society ..... Join us.

If your social life needs a boost ..... Join us.

There are no elitists in Cheltenham Rotary. Everyone is equal and every member is encouraged to get involved

with everything we do


Reasons to Join Cheltenham Rotary

Our Charitable Work

During the past three years we’ve raised over £70,000 and distributed it to local and international causes, we’ve assisted at several schools, we’ve planted 100 trees around the town and we’ve made a real change to the lives of thousands of people.   


Cheltenham Rotary membership is not just about helping society and raising funds. It’s also about having fun, socialising and about the real pleasure of giving our funds to local charities and good causes.


It will come as no surprise when we say that being a member of Cheltenham Rotary is a great way to show how importantly you take your role as a good citizen of our town.

Expanded horizons

After joining Cheltenham Rotary, one of the first things that our members discover is how we interact with members from not just our area, but with Rotarians throughout the world.

But no secret handshake!

In Rotary we don’t have special handshakes, no rituals, no secret gatherings. We’re just ordinary people working and socialising together to enhance the lives of ourselves, other members of Cheltenham Rotary and everyone else we encounter.

Belonging is so very important Quotes from New members

Make the first move

Our membership team leader would love to hear from you. Click on this button to send him an E-mail.


And now the small print ..... In case you were wondering .…

Is being a member of Cheltenham Rotary expensive? No, there’s a very small joining fee and the annual subscription works out at about the cost of a cup of coffee a week. We have ways of fundraising but we don’t expect our members to be contributing themselves.

Is Cheltenham Rotary exclusive and only for professional men? No, the members of our club are very mixed. We’ve got men, ladies, retired people, manual workers, members from all walks of life.

Who runs Cheltenham Rotary? We have a committee which is elected by our members each year, and all members are invited to have a say on any decision we make.

Is it difficult to become a member of Cheltenham Rotary? No, we welcome anyone of good standing. You’ll be invited to come along as a guest to a few meetings or social gatherings so that you can get to know us and for us to get to know you ..... And we’ll do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. We’re very friendly.

Is there a “black ball” system on potential new members? No, we consider such practices to be very archaic. Cheltenham Rotary is very forward thinking. We’re proud of our 100 year history, but very keen to evolve and grow.

How do I know I’ll enjoy being a member of Cheltenham Rotary? We are certain you will! Our members seldom never leave us, usually only because of ill health or relocation  .... That speaks for itself! We’ll make sure you feel included right from the start.

So what am I waiting for? Well, we were thinking the same! Send our Membership leader an E-mail and he’ll contact you very promptly.