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During a recent meeting of Cheltenham Rotary, we were joined by Ashley Jones, a Crime Prevention Officer at The South West Regional Organised Crime Unit who gave us an illuminating talk on the perils of falling foul of fraudsters who target their victims by telephone and online.

Ashley explained that these scammers are extremely professional. They run their frauds in the same way that genuine businesses are conducted, and they are very successful, stealing billions of pounds every year from people like you and I.

In parting, Ashley recommended that our members and everyone else should read The Little Book of Big Scams. It’s only available online. Click on the button to view it online or download it.

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Ashley also asked that we should pass on the following, important message:

IF YOU are tricked by one of these fraudsters, it’s very important to report it immediately to The Police and to your bank and/or credit card company. They have a lot of experience of these frauds and will give you the advise that you need to try to recover your losses and to avoid any further loss. It will also help them to build intelligence on the people committing these crimes. 85% of victims don’t report the crime. Don’t be one of them!

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