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To help pupils, that is!

Cheltenham Rotary have a wonderful reputation for providing vital financial assistance to charities and other worthy groups, mainly in our locality, and also to international appeals. This year alone they have distributed over £34,000, which must be considered a fantastic achievement given the current restrictions on activities.

That however is just one side of Rotary activities. Their members also give their time very generously in other ways, and this week has seen a typical example of that, when several  members of Cheltenham Rotary joined people from a variety of organisations and businesses in conducted mock interviews at Balcarras Academy. These realistic interviews give students their first experience of a situation that they'll soon have to face for real when embarking on their chosen career route. Just like in real interviews, the interviewers read the student's 'application forms' before presenting a series of questions which were designed to test ability and strengths.

After each interview was concluded, the student was given feedback on the session and offered advise on any areas that may be improved, before both sides completed a review form. How beneficial was the experience? Only time will tell, but observing how pleased and confident the pupils looked when leaving the room, it would appear that the process was very worthwhile. Several pupils said that the experience was nothing like their expectations and expressed their gratitude to the interviewers.

As for the Cheltenham Rotary members involved, they were immensely impressed by the attitude and maturity of the young people. One member commented, “If these youngsters are typical of others of the same age, we can be assured that the future of commerce, industry and academic institutions in our country will be in safe hands. I compared them to myself at the same age and I'm astounded at the difference. Although it was hard work, I'm thrilled that I could be involved in this process and I hope our efforts will be a great help to these students.”