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We’ve been a vitally important supporter of local charities and good causes for over a hundred years. This isn’t just financial support. We give our time and our enthusiasm too, often in unseen ways. Over the years, the lives of many thousands of local people have been enhanced by our efforts and projects.

Cheltenham Rotary presentation evening

Our members enjoy a very active social life as well as knowing that we’re making a real difference to the lives of so many, both here and internationally. We meet at least twice a month for a brief meeting, a meal and a time to chat. We also get together more informally for numerous activities like 10 pin bowling, theatre trips, garden parties, a murder mystery evening, or just a simple coffee morning ......... Basically, any excuse to socialise!

In 2021 we contributed £30,000 to a fund which carries out Covid-19 vaccinations in poorer countries.

Our groundbreaking campaign was taken up by an international organisation and we were mentioned and thanked for our efforts by Jonathan Van-Tam, the UK Deputy Chief Medical Officer on a live television broadcast.

Cheltenham Rotary celebration evening

Over the past 2 years we’ve planted 100 trees in Cheltenham. One of the first ones was planted by Alex Chalk MP and the last one was planted by TV celebrity Adam Henson. We planted 100 trees for two reasons. Reason 1 is because it was to celebrate our club’s centenary, and reason 2 is to show our commitment to the environment. We don’t stop at just helping people in need. We try to encourage everyone to care for the planet

Cheltenham Rotary members in Pittville Park Cheltenham Rotary planting 100th tree Cheltenham Rotary members and friends

Rotary members and friends spent a very pleasant Sunday in Montpellier Gardens raising funds to pay for vaccines in poorer countries in the End Polio Campaign. Scouts from 1st Hatherley helped. Town Mayor, Councillor Sandra Holliday and MP Alex Chalk were in attendance and congratulated us on raising around £7,000.

This photograph and an accompanying article appeared in The Gloucestershire Echo.

On Saturday, October 8th we are the main sponsor for the Music Festival at St. Peter’s Church in Leckhampton. The event runs from noon to 7pm with a wide range of music and song. This is the first time that we’ve sponsored a music festival.

Here’s another first.

We are now the shirt sponsor of Sean Long, the Captain of Cheltenham Town Football Club. We will be auctioning or raffling the shirt when this season ends, so watch out for that ….. Or if you want to make an early bid, go to our Contacts Page and send us a message.

Several people asked us what we were doing when they saw us around the town centre with official looking clip-boards. Were we carrying ot a survey? Was it to do with some improvements? So many questions!

And the answer was …… nothing as important as that. We were just on a treasure hunt, and of course that was followed by a meal and drinks at a local restaurant.

We’re making a difference to someone right now!

We’re stronger together

At Cheltenham Rotary we carry out some great activities to support local charities and good causes, and we help internationally in times of great need.

We are very successful at what we do but we could achieve much more with a larger membership, so please consider joining us ….. Oh, and we have a great social life too!

We always welcome new members. Members benefit from being part of Rotary International as well as the Cheltenham club. If you’ve got some time on your hands, if you want to give some of it to our community, if you want to make new friends, please consider joining Cheltenham Rotary.


Join Rotary Earthquake Emergency

For the first time since the days of Covid 19 we ran our ever popular Junior School Quiz. 13 teams from 9 schools competed in the hall at Warden Hill Primary School.

As the papers were passed out for each round, there was a short silence followed by a wave of hushed whispering and feverish writing. As the papers were collected, the hall burst into excited murmurings ….. and as the scores went up on the huge screen the voices raised to a crescendo …… and then silence again as the next round started.

The overall winners were Christ Church, but all the teams did really well and the scores were very close.

During Cheltenham Festival week we mounted a street collection, raising money for the Guide Dogs For The Blind charity and thanks to the generosity of the race-goers we were able to raise £1,300

And we had two very welcome, surprise visitors when Elisa brought Lucy to help us. Elisa is very nice, but it was Lucy that attracted the most attention. Everyone wanted to pat or stroke her.

To show their gratitude, Elisa is coming along to our meeting this week to give us a talk on the work of their charity. Will Lucy come too? We’ll have to wait and see!


Cheltenham Rotary is part of a worldwide network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. Our town benefits greatly from Cheltenham Rotary, both in terms of funding for local charities, and also because we support local good causes like Open Door and Battledown Centre for Children and Families. But it’s not just about what we do for others. Our members also derive great pleasure and social interaction here and abroad by being part of Cheltenham Rotary Club.

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